N.E. Dance

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Children's Jazz.

Tuesdays at 4.45-5.45pm for age 8+. Get in touch (ne-dance@hotmail.com) to sign up for a free trial class! Tons of fun, super fun music and a sassy dance routine! Great as an addition to ballet or simply on its own. Challenging strength, coordination, flexibilty and tons more, we learn a choreography as part of each class, working together as a team and also learning different jazz styles. Don't miss the fun!

Teen and Adult Jazz.

N.E. Dance offers an intermediate jazz class for teens (age 15+) and adults. The class covers a range of jazz dance styles from classical, modern, show to street jazz and each class includes learning a choreography. The 60 minute class takes place on Tuesdays at 5.45-6.45pm and costs £5 per class after sign up (first class free for teens). Register your interest today at ne-dance@hotmail.com.