N.E. Dance
est. 2013

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Children's Classes.

Ballet Foundation: We dance our way through an adventure story to magical music with plenty of props while learning all the ballet basics from foot and arm positions to movements and steps! We have new adventures every three to four weeks and always end our lesson with a dance game.

Ballet Level I: We learn our first ballet barre and centre exercises including allegro (jumps), focussing particularly on posture, technique basics, stretching and strengthening our movements. We begin to learn the French terminology, too! We use props and always have the chance to use our imagination at the end of and/or during the class with a dance game or free movement.

Ballet Level II: We continue to progress in our barre and centre exercises, now including a lot more port de bras (arm positions and sequences) and promote specific core awareness, helping us to focus more on our upper bodies as well as our legs and feet. We often get the chance to be creative by creating our own short choreographies. In the last class of term we like to create a story through dance steps and movements. 

Ballet Level III: Our barre and centre exercises start becoming a little more complex, challenging our concentration, coordination and musicality. We start to learn travelling steps, tours (turns), expand our allegro and practice expression through posture and mime. We are encouraged to be creative, especially being aware of expression through posture in our movements and own choreographies. 

Ballet Level IV: We really focus on strengthening our feet, ankles, core and back as we prepare for the possibility of pointe work (depending on each individual pupil). We continue to broaden our repertoire of steps and allegro and introduce pirouettes. Free movement and expression is continued to be encouraged by creating mini choreographies.

Adult Classes.

We have a range of ballet classes for adults suitable for all levels, ranging from beginners, beginners-intermediate and intermediate-advanced. Pointe work is also available. We also have the opportunity to take part in shows at least every other year. The first class is pay-as-you-go to assess a suitable level, so do get in touch to find a class perfect for you! 

Class Style.

At N.E. Dance all pupils are taught the beauty and strength of classical ballet through correct execution of movements and steps. The main priority is for all pupils to experience the joy of dance and to enjoy increasing their skills. This is enabled by creating a disciplined but fun learning environment and giving the pupils the opportunity to use their imagination by encouraging their creativity. N.E. Dance teaches Russian ballet technique (Vaganova) which is still one of the leading ballet techniques in the world, using a curriculum applicable for all levels of ballet.

The size of each class is held at a maximum of 12 pupils. This enables working with each pupil and recognising their individual development. Encouragement, correction and teaching can therefore occur as required to maintain a high standard in every class.
N.E. Dance also boasts professional ballet barres and mirrors in a very spacious and bright hall which has a high ceiling, perfect for allegro (all of the jumps)!

The correct ballet attire not only creates body and movement awareness but is considered part of the ballet discipline. Each class level has its own coloured leotard. This helps differentiate the levels while working as a motivational aspect when achieving the move to a higher group. Adults do not have a specific uniform but are required to wear black ballet clothing and ballet shoes. Hair must be tied back.  

Performing Opportunities.
Apart from taking part in weekly classes, pupils from Level I upwards have the chance to take part in a yearly presentation class in front of friends and family. We also have a bi-annual internal "N.E. Dance Spectacular" Show which all classes participate in. Every now and again we participate in dance shows at the Gordon Craig Theatre. Holiday clubs enable our younger N.E. dancers to bring friends, learn some new steps and face some new fun dance challenges.

Ballet Foundation (age 3+) - pink uniform
Ballet Level I - lilac uniform
Ballet Level II - pale blue uniform
Ballet Level III - burgundy uniform
Ballet Level IV  - navy uniform

Adults  - no specific uniform but black ballet clothing required